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Nuggets, Little Gems Of Wisdom And Love

Print numbers beginning with "N" are Nuggets, 4 inches by 4 inches, available only as framed prints. Nuggets cannot be personalized. Print numbers beginning with "P" are prints available in the size indicated. These prints may be purchased either matted and framed, or only matted without a frame. Personalize these prints with a name or date at no additional charge.

Print ID Title Matted Size
N900 Home is Wherever We Are Together 4x4
N901 Aunt I Love You! 4x4
N902 Friends Are Angels Who Lift Your Wings 4x4
N903 Mama I Love You! 4x4
N904 Mother I Love You! 4x4
N905 Sand of The Shore in Your Shoes 4x4
N907 Beach Chair at The Shore 4x4
N908 Joy! Is Having a Godmother 4x4
N909 Every Day Holds The Possibility Of Miracles 4x4
N911 Each Day is God's Gift to You 4x4
N912 Baby in The House 4x4
N913 Grandchildren Are Precious Jewels 4x4
N914 You Never Know 4x4
N915 They Who Give Have All Things (Hindu Proverb) 4x4
N918 A House is Not a Home Until It Has a Cat 4x4
N919 Sand of The Cape in Your Shoes 4x4
N920 Music and Rhythm (Plato) 4x4
N921 So Much Has Been Given To Me 4x4
N923 Breathe The Salt Air of The Sea 4x4
N924 When One Teaches Two Learn 4x4
N925 Sisters By Heart 4x4
N926 Friends Forever You And Me 4x4
N928 Heaven Feels Closer in Our Cottage By The Lake 4x4
N929 Friends Are The Family 4x4
N931 Retirement is Working at Living 4x4
N933 Sisters Together in Our Hearts 4x4
N934 Someone in "Your State" Loves You 4x4
N935 Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow of Its Troubles 4x4
N936 Grandpas Never Run Out Of Hugs 4x4
N937 Grandmas Never Run Out Of Hugs 4x4
N938 One of Life's Greatest Treasures 4x4
N939 Joy! Is Having a Grandma 4x4
N940 My Brother My Friend for Life 4x4
N941 Warmth And Joy Of Special Friends 4x4
N942 Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much 4x4
N943 Joy! Is Having a Nana 4x4
N944 Do Not Expect Others To Do For You 4x4
N945 There is Something To Love in Every Day 4x4
N946 Live Each Day For The Miracle It Is! 4x4
N949 Difficulties Mastered Are Opportunities Won 4x4
N950 May Your Home Be Too Small 4x4
N952 You Can Always Tell An Irishman 4x4
N953 Mom You Are The Best! 4x4
N954 Dad You Are The Best! 4x4
N955 A Son is a Treasure Unlike Any Other 4x4
N956 A Daughter is a Treasure Unlike Any Other 4x4
N958 Teach 4x4
N959 Music Produces a Pleasure (Confucius) 4x4
N960 When in Doubt Add More Wine 4x4
N961 Bless Your Irish Heart 4x4
N962 It's Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter 4x4
N963 Memere I Love You! 4x4
N964 Pepere I Love You! 4x4
N966 Retirement is Taking New Direction 4x4
N967 Some People Make The World Special 4x4
N968 Smile In My Heart 4x4
N970 A Friend Touches Your Heart 4x4
N971 American Heart 4x4


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